5 PVC Wall Panels for the Luxurious Touch
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5 PVC Wall Panels for the Luxurious Touch


PVC panels are the most attractive and remarkable wall panelling system that can bring impact, texture, and individuality to the spaces. Nowadays, PVC panels are being increasingly used by several people who are excited about interior design to change their plain interiors into luxurious and impressive homes.

PVC panels are polymer sheets that may be attached to the walls to add interest and eliminate imperfections to your furnishings. The application of PVC panelling is simple, cost-effective, and ecological. These panels come in a variety of types, colours, patterns, and textures, giving plain walls an artistic aspect.

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● 5 PVC Wall Panels for Luxurious Touch

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5 PVC Wall Panels for Luxurious Touch

Today, we'll walk you through 5 eye-catching PVC wall panels to make your home stand out.​​​​​​​

1. Century PVC Select (Poly Vinyl Chloride)

The Century Select PVC is a very adaptable, environmentally friendly construction material that produces gorgeous interiors. It is termite and borer proof, resistant to weathering, and environmentally beneficial. They are, therefore, the finest choice for walls, restrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. They also look great on the ceilings of the house. You can use these PVC sheets for creating sturdy and distinctive furniture, walls, ceilings, and other alternatives. It is 100% Termite and Waterproof.​​​​​​​

2. Century PVC Prime

Who does not enjoy an elegant touch on the wall? Applying PVC Prime panels is a splendid idea if you want to add sparkle to your walls while attempting to hide any flaws. These Prime PVC sheets are resilient even in places with significant moisture content. Thereby making them the ideal choice for designing luxurious homes. They add a great touch to the walls and ceilings. You can consider setting up these PVC  on the walls behind your television in your living room or bedroom to beautify the interior of your home. These are 100% termite and water-resistant luxury PVC sheets.

Due to their adaptability, wooden PVC panels are a top choice for many designers. These PVC wall panel styles replicate the wooden appearance, giving interior spaces a fascinating and rustic charm.

3. Century PVC Neo

The Century PVC Neo is economical, requires minimum upkeep, is simple to install, and arrives fully calibrated and ready for use. It is frequently used in homes for its affordable, competitive prices and appealing attributes. These sheets are termite and borer resistant, waterproof, and eco-friendly. These panels look especially lovely when utilised in spacious rooms like living rooms or drawing rooms. Because of this, they are the finest options for home decor.

4. Century PVC CNC

You can choose the Century PVC CNC panelled design if you want the interiors of your home to show a certain amount of complexity and detail. PVC panels come in various cutwork patterns, from basic geometric to intricate ones. You can select the design that best reflects the style of your home. Additionally, you can make a dramatic wall by putting Jali PVC panels on the interior wall or in a certain design.

5. Century Grey

Century Grey is a great way to decorate your room while giving the walls the ideal amount of gloss and colour. You can use these PVC sheets to provide a magical touch to any room, including your living room and bedroom. These are termite and borer resistant, waterproof, and environmentally safe.

Boring walls have become an aspect of the past in front of  Century Grey PVC wall panel designs. You can choose these elegant PVC panels for your dining room, family room, or bedroom, as they look good and go well with any interior design theme.

With these PVC sheets, you can instantly add a splash of colour and style to basic and monotonous walls. These Century Grey PVC sheets offer the appropriate amount of charm and structure to space.

In a nutshell

PVC wall panels are incredibly adaptable and ideal for walls and ceilings in homes, businesses, lodging facilities, and other indoor spaces. They are very user-friendly due to their low cost and easy installation. Furthermore, they offer an aesthetic value that is practically unmatched. Therefore, if you are currently building or renovating your home, discuss the addition of these panels with your architect to improve the appearance of your room.

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