10 Reasons To Use Virokill For A Healthy Home
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10 Reasons To Use Virokill For A Healthy Home


The use of household and personal cleaning products, among other things, can compromise the health of your family for years to come. You need to switch to a ViroKill product line to keep your family safe. With ViroKill, you can clean all the areas of your home that you love and watch your family and pets live healthier lives.

Century Laminates use technology branded as Virokill; they are a nanoparticle-based treatment that ruptures when it comes in contact with microorganisms hence keeping the environment safe and hygienic.

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10 Reasons To Use Virokill

Why ViroKill?

How to use ViroKill


10 Reasons To Use Virokill

1. Bacteria and viruses can cause severe health problems. For example, they can cause food poisoning, the flu, and pneumonia. Using Virokill, We can reduce this count by 90% and create a safer environment during this pandemic.

2. It is not only about a safer environment, but also about the feeling the house provides. A house with a good vibe can reduce stress by 40 percent; this is possible in a clean house, Hence, Virokill being the first step to achieve that.

3. Maintenance is a big part of having a clean home. Getting something pricey again and again causes nothing but a loss; on the other hand, Virokill brings you a lifetime warranty with no extra maintenance required; this way, you can have a hassle-free environment and focus on what's important.

4. Getting your house child-proof is the number one concern of every parent. With rounded corners and edges all around the house, it's safer to get one-time protection that would keep you safe from all the nuisances. What better than Virokill itself?

5. It takes a lot of planning to build and furnish a house. Wrong decisions could ruin the entire process, but having a one-time solution can take away a lot of stress. Having the entire house furnished with Virokill can take away most of the fuss, and you can focus on how to design your house. Time management is the key to everything, and in order, you need to think like a pro.

6. An aesthetic feel that your surroundings provide helps maintain your mental balance or inner peace. Since time is what we can't earn, handling it matters, and what better than using the best option available? Virokill laminates provide the perfect shades for your home, giving a calm vibe and surreal feel that allows you to maintain the desired house standards.

7. Don't you love it when the interior design of your house looks just perfect? Now, what do you think when those designs would remain the same for a lifetime? Exciting right!!! With Virokill protection, the colours never come off and stay new.

8. Having fire-resistant items of furniture is a priority. According to research conducted by NFPA, 1.4 billion worth of house damages was caused, along 45000 houses in a single year. Being fire resistant up to 150 degrees Celsius, our laminates keep your house safer from extreme fire situations. Getting Virokill-based shades seems like a good idea!

9. Being smart helps you take the shortest route possible, and Precaution is better than prevention. Having both these factors figured out makes you an adult.

10. When you get a wooden product with around ten years of warranty, you realise its pros more than the cons. Now having something with a lifelong functioning warranty keeps you ahead of the crowd. Hence, Virokill is the optimum option for that.

With the plywood industry continuously adapting to the modern world, technology and health are the major priorities we should opt for. Century laminates and plywood are furnished with the most advanced Virokill technology, as they are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and antiviral; from your dining table to the interior design of the house, this becomes the perfect choice.

Why ViroKill?

ViroKill is a product that kills all of the viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can cause harm to a home. It is a simple and easy-to-use product that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe for the whole family. The product is designed to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and toxic fumes. Our plywood comes under two categories - BWP waterproof and MR-grade water-resistant plywood.

The BWP grade is often known as waterproof plywood, MR grade, or water-resistant plywood. Dry spaces like the living room, bedroom, business cubicles, conference rooms, and lobbies can use MR-grade antiviral plywood. Water-prone rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and restaurants can use BWP-grade antiviral plywood. What are you still holding out for? Upgrade from standard plywood.

How to use ViroKill

ViroKill is a natural and affordable disinfectant that kills bacteria, germs, and viruses without harsh chemicals. It is safe and easy to use, and it contains natural ingredients. It comes well furnished in our plywood and laminate; hence the job is already done for you. This product is perfect for the home, office, and school.


With the lifetime value of nanoparticle-based technology, Virokill never stops working. Being completely non hazardous to health and 100 percent child-proof, it can be applied to any furniture or interior design and make your home disease free. Even though being a surface treatment, it doesn't stop you from polishing or painting your furniture. It is non-reactive to any of this, and you can freely design however you want. Learn more about Virokill here: https://www.centuryply.com/Virokillbycentury

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