CenturyPly Film Face Plywood

CenturyPly Film Face Plywood

CenturyPly Film Face Shuttering Plywood is every contractor’s final choice. It’s BWP (Boiling Water Proof) grade, powder-proof ply that is especially suited for use in concrete shuttering and framework. The ply withstands alternate wetting and drying conditions.
The solid surface of the plywood neither buckles under a load nor is disturbed by vibrations caused at the time of construction.
  • BWP Grade Plywood .
  • Use of Phenol Formaldehyde adhesive for bonding of veneers.
  • Bend Resistant.
  • More number of plies, hence more strength.
  • Chemically treated for borer and termite resistance.
  • High resistance to climatic conditions.
  • Made from specially treated eco-friendly timber.
  • Sides are protected with water-resistant sealant.

Our USPs

  • BWP Grade
    BWP Grade
  • Bend Resistant
    Bend Resistant
  • More Strength
    More Strength
  • Borer & Termite resistant
    Borer & Termite resistant
  • Made from eco-friendly timber
    Made from eco-friendly timber


  • Technical Specification*





    30 34
    No. of Layers 10 11
    Timber Hardwood Hardwood
    Thickness +/- 5% +/- 5%
    GSM Paper 40 40
    Density(Kg/M2) 800-850 900-950
    Grade BWP BWP
    Confirmed Repetitions* 20 30

Handling Guidelines & Precautions

  • Avoid dragging; don't drop from heights
  • After usage, sheets need to be dried proper, before storing
  • Sheet need to be sorted in a clean and dry place ona flat surface under a shed
  • Vertical/Inclined stacking/storage Is to be avoided.
  • Clean both the side surfaces with steel-brush/a, proper tool and use Mould Oil after every usage
  • Use sealant on Cut edges
  • Use sharp-pointed screws to fixx the ply and fll up the holes with putty.Screw to be used at minimum 25mm inside the edge
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