Plywood for Rest Room | Plywood Rest Room Applications | CenturyPly

Rest Room

Give your rest room an aesthetic appeal that is created to withstand moisture or heat with ease.

plywood for restrooms
  • Kotogem Grey 3953 PE
  • Kotogem Silver 3955 PE

Kotogem Grey 3953 PE

  • Gothic Marble 3853 HG

Gothic Marble 3853 HG


Create the most relaxed and clean environment with the help of our range of Laminates in Combinations.


Bring a gust of freshness and generous amount of elegance to the interiors of the rest rooms with our range of Skorpa Laminates.

plywood for door
  • Arabian Recon Pine 90695 MO
  • Urban Teak 449 MO

Arabian Recon Pine 90695 MO

plywood for cupboards
  • Ruffles Black 3883
  • Ruffles White 3882

Ruffles Black 3883

laminates for doors
  • Kotogem Grey 3953
  • Kotogem Silver 3955

Kotogem Grey 3953

plywood for table
  • Frosty White 111 CR
  • Walnut Wiggy 4426 CR

Frosty White 111 CR


Our range of Woodgrains Laminates offers the classy wooden look, with the assurance of remaining unaffected by the moisture.

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