Your Home's Exterior Would Stand-Out
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Your Home's Exterior Would Stand-Out

You might have passed by some houses that fit your definition of ‘class apart’ while walking through the lanes. Doesn’t the jaw-dropping exterior intrigue you about the interior of the house too?

Such is the magic of a beautiful house exterior: You see it. You immediately get in awe of it. And then, you want that praiseworthy exterior for your own house too.

And why wouldn’t we want that after all?

Plenty of reasons to not do it. But here are the few reasons that will compel you to make your house exterior outstanding:

1. Home sweet home: Our home is that one place that we spend most of our time at. For wherever we go, we come back to our safe haven. This makes it our foremost responsibility to keep our space desirable to crash in.

2. For that ‘Naya Ghar. Badhiya hai’ praises: It would be a lie if we say that we don’t like it when people praise our house. Good exteriors definitely flaunt themselves enough to grab those eyeballs.

3. Wise minds think differently: When it comes to home, none of us would want our house to be a look-alike of any other house in the same neighborhood. Now imagine the delivery guys landscaping your house as ‘that beautiful house’ or ‘that unique house’. Isn’t this how you want your house to be recognised?

Yes, yes! Let’s make it happen already

For this, your first step will be to choose the apt exterior laminates. And our money will be on CenturyPly Exteria Laminates, which are curated just perfect to serve your needs.​​​​​​​

Okay, will you enlighten us with your confidence in Exteria?

1. Easy and rapid installation: Despite being such an important part of the appeal of your house, it is surprisingly an easy installation.

2. Low maintenance: In general, these exterior grade laminates are easier to clean with their ability to resist stains. CenturyPly Exteria Laminates have an edge over other cladding members as these are scratch resistant too. This makes them an easy-going laminate that suits your home and your pockets too.

3. All-weather appeal: Being an exterior laminate is not easy, especially when you live in a country where you see all kinds of seasons.

Monsoon being the hero season of India, makes seepage-proof laminates a must for your home exteriors. Also, a core tropical country like ours, makes UV an evitable part of our lives.

Exteria addresses both these with its UV radiation proof and seepage proof characteristics.

4. Fire retardancy: Bagging in the EN 438 Class #1 and ASTM E84 Class A certifications, Exteria Laminates haven’t left anything for us to speak against its fire-retardant properties.

5. On durability: The special double hardened resin that is used to impregnate the papers gives a long-term durability to CenturyExteria. This also ensures a high pull-out strength and dimensional stability to it shielding it from denting or wrinkling.

This isn’t the end of the long list of ‘Laminates with benefits’. Know more at:

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