What are Antiviral Veneers & How Can We Use Them? - CenturyPly
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What are Antiviral Veneers & How Can We Use Them?

What are Antiviral Veneers & How Can We Use Them? - CenturyPly

Decorating your home is no small task. It makes a statement about your aesthetic sensibilities and your personal taste in styling. For most people, designing their interiors is a difficult and confusing task but decorative veneers make this mammoth task easier. If you are planning to redesign your home or office, you will seldom find a better surface solution than decorative veneers.

In the last couple of years, veneers have gained massive popularity and are being considered to be one of the best solutions to give interior décor a magnificent look. They can be used just about anywhere, making them a very versatile decorative material. Be it your furniture, cabinets, or drawers, wood veneers can give them a seamless look.

But what if these gorgeous veneers were given a boost of antiviral properties? CenturyVeneers introduces SenzuraStyles, their unique range of antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial & now antiviral decorative recon veneers that are not only beautiful to look at, but also safe and hygienic to use.


What are Antiviral Veneers & How Can We Use Them? - CenturyPly

SenzuraStyles recon veneers are carefully made from fast growing  plantation wood. The wooden beams are of a single colour which is treated and systematically dyed to create the grain

pattern and color of their wooden counterparts which we see in the final product.

From the fragrant flowers of spring, the red apples of winter, the slight yellowing leaves of autumn to the cool landscape of winter, SenzuraStyles veneer draw inspiration from the myriad forms of nature across the entire year. 


SenzuraStyles is made with Silver Nanotechnology combined with ViroKill technology, giving it its supremely hygienic protection.

        It kills more than 99% bacteria, fungus, microbes & viruses, ensuring that your veneered surfaces are always clean.

         It is a long-lasting, non-leachable treatment that will stay active throughout the lifetime of the product. 

        The treatment is non-hazardous to human health and is completely safe to touch & use.

        The properties are thermostable and do not get affected if introduced to heightened temperatures. 


What are Antiviral Veneers & How Can We Use Them? - CenturyPly

These antiviral veneers can be used in almost any corner of the house or office. Use them on any statement furniture to bring it alive.

Alternatively, you can use veneers in conjunction with other material such as glass and steel, marble and cement accents make for a modern twist of contrast.

Imagine your walk-in closet or desk drawers in a unique recon veneer finish and bring it to life with our incredible range of SenzuraStyles.

Not only furniture but our veneers can also adorn your doors. Veneered doors don’t just aesthetically elevate doorways but protect them from dust, scratches, normal wear & tear and more.

SenzuraStyles recon veneers are available in an excellent assortment of crowns, semi

Crowns, quarters and multiple shades are available for selection as per the need. The latest trends brought together from around the world to translate into bespoke veneer designs. Moreover, these designs can be replicated in large quantities for projects. 

As it is made from fast-growing plantation timbers and renewable

natural wood sources, the product serves as an environment-friendly alternative to some of the more rare and expensive exotic wood species.

Choose from the topnotch collection of environment friendly yet eye-catching collections of veneers that are backed by the quality assurance of CenturyVeneers

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