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ViroKill Technology: The New Way to Maintain Home Hygiene

ViroKill Technology: The New Way to Maintain Home Hygiene

Home hygiene has always been one of the top priorities in all Indian households, but the global pandemic has brought us face to face with the stark realities of life during the time of COVID-19. While it may seem relentless and unchanging in its surge around the globe, what can be changed, modified and adapted are the ways we can maintain interior home hygiene.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways in which you can amplify your interior hygiene game is by using antiviral & antimicrobial surface solutions by CenturyLaminates. The award-winning laminates were previously a consumer-favourite because of the innovative use of Silver Nanotechnology that made them antibacterial in nature. With the addition of recently developed patented ViroKill Technology, CenturyLaminates also attained the benefit of antiviral properties.

ViroKill Technology: The New Way to Maintain Home Hygiene

ViroKill Technology has since become the new way to maintain home hygiene, preferred by both homeowners and professionals. These laminate surfaces kill more than 99% viruses, bacteria and fungus upon contact, keeping your furniture surfaces clean and enabling you to maintain the highest levels of sanitation at home with minimal effort.

     These laminate surfaces are non-hazardous and completely safe to touch & use for people of all ages.

     The antiviral and antibacterial properties are non-leachable, ensuring that your home stays hygienic for a long time to come.

     They are very easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe them frequently with a microfiber cloth. If there are spills or stains, you can use a mild, non-abrasive cleaning solution.

     The laminates are water resistant as well as borer & termite resistant.

     CenturyLaminates provides superior protection from scuff, scratches, stains, odours and comes in a variety of finishes, colours, designs and patterns you can choose from. 

ViroKill Technology: The New Way to Maintain Home Hygiene

Apart from this, CenturyLaminates reads the pulse of the consumers across the globe to understand their changing needs so that they can keep upgrading their laminates and provide them with the latest designs. To this cause, the new LookBook 2020-22 was recently launched which contains designs par excellence and has something for everyone. Browse & buy from the latest catalogue here:

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