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TV Panels that won't go unnoticed

Netflix and chilling is much more satisfying when the ambience is just right for your taste. When we watch television, are we really watching only the TV? To your astonishment, the classy panel that supports your TV, also provides an aesthetic to it and the overall ambience of the living room.

Sure everybody has a taste that is unique and thus, here, in this blog, we are offering you 3 different routes which you can pursue to achieve the aesthetics that suits your choice and the overall interior of the living room, or your house for that matter. 

1. The Classic Grey

When it comes to adding class, grey never goes out of style and is almost synonymous with elegance itself.

You can also try to match the vibe of your living room with other colours too but with a minimal texture of the laminates that maintains the grace even if you have other subtle shades. 

When the panel is in sync with the whole bedroom, the overall look does not look alienated and it remains safely gracious even after imbibing the textured panel to your television area.

CenturyLaminates have many solid shades in various colours. You can either choose the high-gloss laminates or those with matte finish according to the decor of your bedding area.

2.  The Acoustic Touch

Bring back the trending 70s touch to your living or bedroom with a vintage TV panel. The retro look brings back the nostalgic rhythm merely by its looks only. The panelled laminates look perfect to emulate this look.

Although there are plenty of vintage woodgrain laminates, ivory looks pretty rustic in its tone and thus, has an artistic appeal to itself. This brings in a tinge of bold creativity and plenty of applause from the guests all at once.

 3. The Premium Woodgrain 

Neatness is the safest and still a foolproof option for your homes. Your living room is apparently the cleanest place in your house and the television panel that you are about to add should also blend into the tidy appearance of your room.

Thus, adding a contrast wood tone might work with your light coloured walls. So can adding a glossy solid panels.

However, if your living room has a dark complexion overall, you can choose a lighter panel to complement it. The Silk Tuff range of CenturyLaminates offer the marble look a like laminates in a European finish and will be perfect to do the job in this case.

We will come up with more such inspirations for you. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.

Meanwhile, you can check out the range of laminates that CenturyLaminates offer at:


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