Exterior Laminate Façade for Indian Homes
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Exterior Laminate Façade for Indian Homes

The façade of a home is a vital design element for a newly-built home or for a renovation project. It not only helps you make a great first impression but in most cases, it also sets the expectations for what lies within. A modern façade would open the door to matching contemporary interiors, whereas a timelessly classic façade will make you expect to see interiors that reflect an elegant, old-world charm.


If you’re confused about what type of façade to build, a wise tip is to imagine your home’s façade as a canvas that allows you to paint a memorable image for visitors and neighbours to admire. By using a combination of colours, textures and design, you can create a façade that leaves a lasting impression.


If you are constructing your home or want to upgrade an existing facade, here are some inspiring ideas to consider.



Exterior High Pressure Laminates or HPL are the most sought-after material used to create unforgettable façades for Indian homes. A preferred material for homeowners and professionals alike, HPL helps you give a chick look to your home.


Century Exteria by CneturyLaminates offers you countless possibilities with designer HPL sheets that are available in a variety of shades and patterns that replicate wood finishes and are protected from UV ray damage. These laminates are especially crafted for exterior use and come with a variety of attractive features. Let us explore them one by one.





Weather protected: The specially designed weather-proof acrylic film on both sides of the panels are invincible against heavy rains, storms, harsh sunlight, scarring dusts and ensures indomitable protection against UV rays.


Thermal Insulation: Ventilated facade systems by CenturyExteria panels ensure natural ventilation and reduce the amount of heat that buildings absorb in hot weather. This helps in achieving a considerable reduction in air conditioning costs in summers, thereby proving to be an ideal exterior cladding solution with an attractively low payback period. The CenturyExteria panel can withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C, making it the most suitable exterior cladding option for any kind of climatic condition, whether it be chilling frosty weather or scorching heat.


Fire Safety: CenturyExteria panels have the property to reduce the fire spread intensity when it is exposed to fire and retain their stability for a long time. This has been tested and approved by authorised testing bodies in India and abroad. Exteria therefore, keeps you and your family safe even in the unfortunate incident of a fire.


Colour Stable: CenturyExteria panels have an excellent finish and colour stability which doesn’t fade even with prolonged exposure to the vagaries of weather. This ensures that your exterior façades always look gorgeous.


CenturyExteria High Pressure Laminates are the most ideal material for your home. Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, they also offer high resistance to scratches, bending, impact and are completely seepage proof.


So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead add the embellishment of superbly designed façades with CenturyExteria. Find out more about it here: http://www.centuryexteria.com/








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