Exploring Decorative Veneers: Applications
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Exploring Decorative Veneers: Applications

 Decorative wood veneers are beautifully aesthetic yet complex components of woodwork. They  express the inherent magnificence of timber with ease and when executed well, can add immense luxury to any residential or commercial interior project.


Made with thin layers of timber, these veneers are then placed on top of one another with layers of adhesives and additives and pressed together under controlled heat and pressure conditions to fashion them into decorative veneer sheets. The grain pattern or design of a veneer sheet depends on the type of tree, the part of the tree and the way that the veneer is being cut.


These decorative veneers are as versatile in terms of application as you can imagine-- no matter which domestic or industrial setting  you use it in, the end result will always be stunning and a treat for your senses. They can effortlessly elevate your interior, add a touch of glamour to your wall paintings, turn any furniture into a statement piece and more. Let us explore the applications of decorative veneers.




Decorative veneers can be used in almost every part of a room-- be it the floor, the walls, the ceiling or the furniture, projecting a sense of opulence and sophistication.  One of the most common uses of veneer sheets is to beautify furniture. The one-of-a-kind pattern of veneer sheets add depth, warmth and character to your interiors. Use them on your sofa, dining table, dressers, closets and more to create a focal point in your home decor.



A truly breathtaking application of decorative veneers is as wall panels. Wall panels help add premiumness to any corner of a room by bringing notice to its detailed patterns. By using veneer sheets to construct these wall panels, you will not only be highlighting the natural beauty of veneers, but also be incorporating an eye-catching design element into your overall decor.



If you are in consultation with an expert woodworker, you can ask him to apply decorative veneers to your ceiling. Wood veneer ceilings are a brilliantly unique idea to add an oomph factor to your interiors.



Veneer sheets don’t always have to be used for large-scale projects. No matter the scope or size of a project, veneers can add charm & pizzaz to everything. Use them as a decorating material to adorn precious art work at home, family portraits, photo frames, collector’s items and much more.


Use your imagination to create memorable interiors with the dynamic & flexible nature of decorative veneers and we promise you, you won’t regret it.

If you are looking for decorative veneers for your next project, look no further! Check out our entire veneer range here: https://www.centuryply.com/centuryveneers/






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