Exploring CenturyPly’s Club Prime Plywood
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Exploring CenturyPly’s Club Prime Plywood



On the fence about buying some plywood supplies? Or are you looking for a plywood that strikes the perfect balance between quality & value for money pricing? Then you have come to the right place!


For over 30 years, CenturyPly has been offering the best products in wood furnishing solutions to Indian households and commercial projects. One of the most popular products in their arsenal is Century Club Prime Plywood.


CenturyPly Club Prime plywood is one of the few brands in India that is especially manufactured by pre-pressing. This BWP plywood boasts of superior strength for a power-packed performance. Perfect for almost any part of the home or office, it is most commonly used to create bed frames, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, sofas, bureaus, TV table units, bedside table and more.


If you want to know the features that make Club Prime one of the best plywood for your next project, read on.



BWP grade ply: Club Prime is a BWP or Boiling Waterproof grade plywood. Manufactured using waterproof adhesives that add to the plywood’s strength and resilience against water damage, it is great for use in all areas of the house, especially in places experiencing high humidity. This Club Prime now passes 24 unique tests, including a 72-hour boiling water test which then reconfirms the plywood’s quality.


GLP formula: The Glue Line Protection or GLP formula is unique in itself and is responsible for  protecting the plywood from borer & termite attacks.


Warranty: CenturyPly offers a warranty on every plywood purchase. Club Prime ply comes with a 25 year warranty against borer & termite attacks.


More plies for more strength: The strength of a plywood is greatly dependent on the number or veneer sheets or ‘plies’ it is made up of. In order to offer more strength, each Club Prime plywood sheet is manufactured with more number of plies, ensuring that any furniture you make using this ply lasts for a very long time without showing any signs of damage.


Pre-pressing: Pre-pressing of plywood is a service only offered by CenturyPly in India. This provides enough time for the transfer of the preservatives deep into the veneers before it passes under through the hot press. Pre-pressing helps to distribute the moisture uniformly throughout the ply, ensuring that it is borer & termite proof, waterproof, bend as well as warp resistant. This adds to its dimensional stability.


Varied thicknesses: CenturyPly offers a wide array of thicknesses to choose from in order to cater to distinct furniture needs. All solutions are created using high quality material sourced exclusively to deliver perfection. Club Prime is available in thicknesses of 16 mm, 19 mm and 25 mm. It is also available in the form of blockboard.


CenturyPly Club Prime plywood is the best choice for your next residential or commercial project. With its superior strength, waterproof nature, immunity from borer & termite attacks as well as warranty of 25 years,  it is sure to make mesmerising interiors that stand the test of time.


Learn more about CenturyPly Club Primehere: https://centuryply.com/plywood/club-prime









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