Explore Sainik 710 Plywood: The Ply that Starts at Just Rs.99!
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Explore Sainik 710 Plywood: The Ply that Starts at Just Rs.99!

It is no secret that the process of designing, constructing and beautifying your new home is a time-consuming, effort-demanding and a costly affair. In fact, 75% of the entire cost is dedicated to buying and employment of raw materials. This means that choosing the right plywood for your home is one of the most important decisions that you will be making.

But, what if there is a plywood that is not only super strong and asli waterproof, but also starts at just Rs. 99/Sq.Ft.?

Sainik 710 plywood from the house of CenturyPly is one of the most value-for-money plywood brands that you will find in the Indian market today. Produced from rotary-cut, smooth veneers sourced from specially selected eco-friendly timber, Sainik 710 is a premium Boiling Water Proof plywood that can be used to make strong furniture that is easy on the eyes at costs that are easy on the pocket.

Let’s explore the features of Sainik 710 plywood that make it one of the best choices of raw material for your home.

1. Safety From Water Damage

Sainik 710 plywood is manufactured in accordance with IS:710 stipulations that certify that it is a Boiling Water Proof or BWP Marine Grade plywood. This means that it has the highest resistance to water damage and can withstand even the vagaries of weather for a prolonged period of time, without showing any signs of damage. Owing to its high resistance to water, it can safely be used in the interior areas of your home that may experience exposure to moisture such as the kitchen, restroom, dining room and more.

2. Protection From Borers & Termites

Apart from water, another menace that plywood owners have to perpetually deal with is the damage caused by borers and termites. But Sainik 710 plywood owners never have to worry about it because each sheet of plywood is carefully manufactured using the latest Glue Line Technology that protects the plywood from such attacks. In fact, Sainik 710 even comes with an 8 year warranty against such attacks to give you the peace of mind you deserve while constructing your dream home.

3. Superior Strength

One of the main components of plywood that adds to its strength is the number of veneers of ‘plies’ that are stacked together to make one sheet of plywood. When compared to regular plywood, each Sainik 710 plywood sheet is composed of more number of plies which results in superior strength and durability for your furniture.

4. No More Bending

You never have to worry about your furniture losing its original design or shape with Sainik 710 plywood! It is dimensionally stable, warp and bend resistant, helping your furniture maintain its original design and shape for years to come.


You get all this and more at just Rs. 99/Sq.Ft! You can use Sainik in almost every corner of your home-- from the kitchen area to the restroom, from the living room to the kid’s room!

So, when you are looking for plywood that fulfills all your requirements and fits your budget, too, think of Sainik 710 plywood. Get the durability and pocket-friendly prices of Sainik 710 Plywood home, today. 

Check out more information about Sainik 710 plywood here: https://centuryply.com/plywood/sainik-710

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