Don't take a leap out of your budget brackets
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Don't take a leap out of your budget brackets

Everybody wants a home sweet home with furniture that turns a mere concrete building into a comfortable and warm place to be at.  But in this competitive world, where prices are rising high, is it possible to buy premium quality furniture?

Offering a viable solution, CenturyPly brings Sainik 710 for you. Since the ready-made furniture is neither a guaranteed durable furniture nor cost-effective, it is advisable that we make durable quality furniture starting from scratch.

This shall not only ensure a trustworthy outcome but also let you design it the way you want at an affordable cost.  

We, at the house of CenturyPly, hear you. We understand how much your spaces mean to you. Thus, we bring to you the most affordable boiling waterproof plywood - Sainik 710. It comes at a cheaper price of Rs.102/sqft. Including the Goods and Services Tax. The affordability of this plywood makes it eligible for making any form of furniture within the limits of one’s pocket. With CenturyPly Sainik 710, you do not need to worry about the price variation in any part of the country. CenturyPly brings Sainik 710 at one price throughout the whole of India. So, as much as we take care of your expenditure, we are also concerned about your demography and locational difficulties.

Being a truly waterproof plywood, and having termite and borer proof properties, it seems to be a perfect match for your furniture needs. These properties also portray the strength of the plywood which eventually leads to durable furniture. This, thus does away the need to revamp or change your furniture for at least a few years to say the least.

Where can we use CenturyPly Sainik 710 plywood?

Among all the spaces that you can renovate with Sainik 710, one is your bathroom. You can make the required furniture for your bathing space as per your needs without thinking twice about the budget aspect. Usually, bathing spaces are left for the end when it comes to renovation, keeping in mind the spend on the wooden structures. But Sainik 710 solves this issue, for real. 

Keep your relaxing space elegant and organised with wooden cabinets that are sure to survive for years without bending, delaminating or warping. Wooden cabinets unlike other materials add warmth to your space and keep it refreshing.

Apart from this, you can add durable furniture to your living room crafted with plywood with unbeatable strength. Apart from adding a calming and stylish factor to your sofa and the fancy objects around it, Sainik 710 makes your pockets happy too.

This is not it. Read all the properties that Sainik 710 is blessed with and decide for yourselves as to where all it can be used to bring in new furniture to your house.


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