CenturyExteria: Proudly made in India
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CenturyExteria: Proudly made in India

We all must have watched those Hollywood movies where the homes are perfectly aligned, the passages are quite clean and the exterior of the homes does not only look tidy but are also aesthetically beautiful. The finesse is so mesmerising that we all wish to have the same exteriors for our homes too.

To your surprise, this dream is not far-fetched. At least, not anymore. What if we say that we now have a solution with which you too can have such an amazing exterior outlook for your house in India as well?

CenturyExteria is a proud Indian innovation by the leading brand CenturyPly and is the perfect dry wall cladding solution for your outer walls. Despite being a new venture in India, CenturyExteria as an exterior grade laminate has proven its capability far more than any other local brand that claims to offer a wholesome cladding solution. With quality at par with the foreign cladding solution, CenturyExteria takes pride to be made in India.

Here is how CenturyExteria is the best wall cladding solution for your house or office space:

1. Double hardened resin: Despite having the convenient option to use single hardened resins that are usually brittle and thus, not as strong as they should be, CenturyExteria leads the way to opt for double hardened resin for its exterior cladding. This makes the exterior grade laminates tougher and thus, durable in comparison to single hardened resin.

CenturyExteria incorporates its homegrown resin for the purpose which has proven its iron otherwise too. This ensures safety from UV radiation that aims to brittle the laminates and the moisture that could have otherwise disintegrated the structure of the outer look of your home.  

2. Double side decoratives: While we have taken care of the strength factor with the double hardened resin, we do not step back in the beauty aspect either. CenturyExteria offers a comprehensive approach by using double side decoratives for its exterior grade laminates. 

Now you need not worry about the overall appeal of your house at all. We got this too.

3. Fire retardant exterior: As a brand that believes in innovation, CenturyPly decided to move beyond the two major factors of durability and appearance. Known for its Firewall technology, CenturyPly believes in safeguarding what you have built with all the love and intricacy. Thus, CenturyExteria is made fire-retardant to protect your house from any external fire accidents that could have otherwise damaged your property. CenturyExteria is certified with EN 438 Class #1 and ASTM E824 certifications to support the claim.

Unlike other local exterior grade manufacturers who may not use the best version of kraft paper, CenturyExteria chooses to opt for quality. CenturyExteria chooses either German or Japanese acrylic craft paper for the wall-cladding which are so premium in quality that it does not fade in a period of time or against the weather adversities for that matter.

Colour fastness is one of those characteristics of CenturyExteria that is unmatchable to any other exterior grade laminates that are there in the market.

Know more - https://www.centuryexteria.com/

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