Best Deal: Sainik 710 Prices In India
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Best Deal: Sainik 710 Prices In India

From your drawers to doors, almost everything needs plywood to start with the respective creations. Hence, making furniture is not an easy task and can burn a hole in your pocket. For this reason, we need to make sure that we keep a check on all the costs that are involved in making furniture for your house.

How to keep the costs in our budget?

For this, let us first target two common myths so that in future, ‘you have to pay for it’... reasonably.

1. Cheaper = Substandard

With consumerism taking grave modes because of the narratives set in the market, we have a belief that if we choose a material or a product at cheaper costs, it is inevitable for us to compromise on the quality. This leads to buying duplicate low-standard products that eventually do not deliver to your expectations of strength, durability and quality. ​​​​​​​

2. The veil of ignorance

When we march to a mission of cost-cutting in the materials that are going to be used to make the required furniture, we go as far as the nails, screws and hinges that are going to be used and yet ignore the plywood, which is so far the primary material in any form of furniture. When we try hard to find the devil in the detail, we usually miss the elephant in the room. ​​​​​​​

So you suggest, there is a single solution to this twin problem?

Indeed, there is! CenturyPly has brought to you a solution that can do away with both of the aforementioned problems - Sainik 710 Plywood.

Quality Plywood:

1. Asli Waterproof: Sainik 710 plywood is known for its BWP (Boiling waterproof) marine grade, which is a rarity amongst the several water-resistant plywood that can be easily fetched in the market, that too a greater price.

2. Specially engineered: Taking care of every minute aspect, CenturyPly has engineered Sainik 710 to incorporate the glue line protection and ACC treatment, that preserves the wood from termite and borer attacks.

3. Weather-resistant: In terms of strength also, Sainik 710 bags a ten-on-ten, as it is chemically treated to bear all the extreme weather conditions. This gives a longer lifespan to your furniture.

4. Uses premium adhesives: In order to stick many wooden layers together, any plywood uses glue material. For Sainik 710, CenturyPly choses only the best quality glue so that the adhesion is stronger than any regular plywood. This adds an edge over others when it comes to the factor of strength.

5. Eco-friendly: Giving you quality, doesn’t put us in the back in case of our environmental responsibilities. This is why we made sure that Sainik 710 is manufactured using selected eco-friendly timber. Now you can be a patron of both premium quality and nature.

Cheaper plywood:

All this, with a price as cheap as Rs.102/sqft for a 19 mm Sainik plywood. How about that? We also ensure that this price remains the same all over India so that you can choose your favourite plywood from any corner of our country at the same affordable price.

The list of benefits is unending for Sainik 710. You can read more about it and buy it at:

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