Premium BWP Plywood that Fits into your Budget
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Premium BWP Plywood that Fits into your Budget

To start with the basics, nothing can beat the allure of beautiful plywood furniture. Whatever you make out of your plywood, the look is elegant, classic, and works with myriad interior styles always. But well, the world is not ideal, and nothing comes without cons, big or small. Wooden furniture was prone to damage from water and was considered a costly affair. But then new innovations happened, and things started to become better. Sainik 710, a premium BWP Plywood from the house of CenturyPly, eliminated both the cons we discussed earlier.

Let's see what crucial characteristics of the BWP plywood makes it perfect for your every furniture need: 

Pay the Ideal Price: Rs. 99/Sq.Ft.

CenturyPly's philosophy of applying innovation to improve every product continuously has produced miraculous results. The Boiling Waterproof Plywood, which was earlier considered the plywood of the rich, is now accessible to every dreamer. This is so that one builds the furniture of their dream without any stress about it wearing out or other maintenance issues within an absolutely affordable budget.

Be Waterproof and Weatherproof


The BWP Plywood passes through a series of standard norms to measure the plywood's water resistance capacity. The premium Sainik 710 plywood ticks all the stringent boiling water tests. Furthermore, this incredible plywood can withstand the varied weather moods and can be crafted to create unparalleled aesthetic designs without the fear of delamination.

Do Not Build an Insect Food

Taking care of your furniture is no more a daily chore with the premium yet low-priced boiling waterproof plywood. We understand that your furniture is your asset and holds significance in your lives. How dreadful it would be if the unwanted borer and termite have a feast at your sake. Relax! You can now be free from any such fear as CenturyPly BWP plywood is entirely borer and termite-proof and comes with a warranty, ranging from 8 years to a lifetime. 

Choose Strength at Its Core

Search no more. The most robust plywood is the one you're reading about. Sainik 710 BWP plywood is the most durable and cost-effective plywood in the market. It derives this endurance from several plies glued together in a cross bonded structure , adhesives and resins, and high-quality raw materials used to manufacture plywood sheets. Be assured of durability and use this plywood for making pieces of furniture all-around your home, including areas with high moisture value.

To sum up, building your functional space with what fits into your budget is no more perplexing with BWP Plywood from the house of CenturyPly. Get your pie of the strongest, Sainik 710, delivered home today! Check out the website for more -

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