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5 Tips to Follow When you’re Decorating your Office

5 Tips to Follow When you’re Decorating your Office - CenturyPly

We spend almost one third of our lifetime at office. Here, we are expected to be at our productive, creative and social best. But did you know that the design of your office greatly affects how you feel and think?

If you haven’t consciously given this a thought, you might’ve wanted a window seat at your office or favoured a seat near potted plants. This is a subconscious display of your need to be surrounded by a pleasant place.

If you want to decorate your office in such an aesthetic and effective manner, read on as we share our 5 tried and tested ways to elevate any office space.

Tip 1: Colour psychology

Different colours affect us differently. For instance, blue and green colours help us remain calm, collect our thoughts and focus on our creativity. Red colour helps us feel passionate towards our work and opens up an emotional response to it. 

Most work desks are all-white. Though pleasant to look at, they are high in maintenance. You can cover your desk in inviting designs of High Pressure Laminates and give it a stunning look.

Keeping in mind the effect of colour on your productivity, choose an appropriate finishing surface solution like HPL for your sturdy plywood office furniture.

Tip 2: The correct furniture

Good quality plywood is extremely essential for long-lasting and resilient office furniture as it is a high-traffic area. Along with that, the size and shape of the furniture also matters. Use circular tables rather than square tables as it can create an inviting space and trigger brain activity that is associated with reward and aesthetic appreciation. Sitting in a circle is also a marker of teamwork and fosters feelings of belonging to one office unit.

Tip 3: Organise your office

It is important to keep your office as clean as you keep your home. Open shelves are excellent for organizing and storing all the office supplies and items. They’re all within reach and you don’t have to open drawers and dig for the thing you need. It’s right there in front of you.

Tip 4: Accessorise

5 Tips to Follow When you’re Decorating your Office - CenturyPly

Create a focal point at your office by accentuating the decor with light fixtures. They will add proper lighting to your office and also add character and depth to the overall decor. Use natural wood veneers as a covering material for the lights and you’ll get a stunning accessory for your office.

Tip 5: Use proper supplies

Apart from your traditional office supplies, there are certain additional items that often prove to be super useful and take your office productivity to the next level. Install a white board marker at your office to keep all your thoughts documented. The addition of magnetic laminates will also be helpful to be used as a notice board or around employee cubicles to keep work notes.

You can get all the above items and more with CenturyPly products. Check out our product portfolio or contact our experts on this number for any query today: 1800-5722-122

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