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club prime

club prime

Few brands of blockboard in India match up to Century blockboard. Made from carefully chosen exotic hardwood species and bonded with premium quality adhesives and resins under computer controlled temperature and pressure, our unique range of MR blackboard and BWP blockboard will cater to all your furniture needs. Our product’s unparalleled quality has made Century blockboards the most trusted blockboard in India.


Our Moisture Resistant and Waterproof blockboard come in different sizes to cater to distinct furniture needs. All solutions are created using high quality material sourced exclusively to deliver perfection.


No matter what your furniture needs may be, our blockboards are perfect for you. You can now select from our wide range without worrying about high blockboard price. Check out the price for our blockboard range below or simply ask for a quote!

Product 16mm 19mm 25mm
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Our USPs

We provide face veneers in thicknesses, sizes and grades compliant to international benchmarking standards as well as customised solutions.

  • USP: Superior Strength
    USP: Superior Strength
  • 25 year warranty Borer and termite proof
    25 year warranty Borer and termite proof
  • Moisture Content (%) 8 - 12
  • Adhesion of plies Excellent
  • Preservative Treatment Three Tier Treatment:
    1. Treated fillers
    2. Glue line protection
    3. Finished panels are treated with ACC (Acid Copperchrome Compound)
  • Specific Gravity > 0.55
  • Screw holding strength (Kg) > 145
  • Nail holding strength (Kg) > 70
  • Static Bending Strength (N/mm2)

    Modulus of rupture (MOR):

    Along the grain:> 45

    Modulus of elasticity (MOE):

    Along the grain:> 6000

Product SpecificationS

We provide face veneers in thicknesses, sizes and grades compliant to international benchmarking standards as well as customised solutions.They are available in flitch form as well as stitched layon form in various sizes as per clients requirement.

  • Boiling Water Proof
    Boiling Water Proof
  • E1 emission compliant
    E1 emission compliant
  • Confirms to IS : 1659
    Confirms to IS : 1659

club prime Size

1. Recon Veneers can be made available in custom thicknesses starting from 0.20 mm to 2.5 mm. They are available in sizes 2.50x0.63 mtrs.

2. Natural veneers are available in thicknesses 0.40 - 0.55 mm in:

  • 2.1 Flitch form (leaved bundles). Lengths 0.50 mtrs to 3.3 mtrs.
  • 2.2 Stitched veneer Layons sheet form in sizes with lengths 2.5 - 3.10 mtrs and widths 0.76 - 1.25 mtrs.
  • 2.3 finished Veneer layon sheets can be prepared in vertical or horizontal configuration according to clients requirement.


16 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm

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