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For people with a natural sense of aesthetics, Flexo Laminate is the ultimate communion of modern art and cutting-edge technology. This line of post-forming laminates is perfect for rounded and bull-nosed edges of a surface for achieving the desired look. Available in a wide range of international designs, Flexo Laminate is an essential lifestyle statement for any contemporary home.


  • Higher flexibility
  • Smoother surface, no sharp bends after forming for a clean, uncluttered look
  • Greater color fastness as a result of primary pigments used on latest, international designs
  • Conforms to International Standards set by NEMA LD3, ISO 4586-1 and IS 2046
  • Very popular as modular furniture, cabinets, desk fronts, wall racks, kitchen workstations and counter tops
  • Thermo forming of the laminate to the lowest radii of curvature and bull nosing for convex and concave shapes
  • Smooth finish with no sharp bends after forming
  • Best substrates bonding as a result of uniform and superior sanding Care Instructions The surface should be gently cleaned using a very mild soap Use of hard brushes on the laminate surface is not at all recommended Do not use any sharp objects like knives and cutter machine on the surface of the laminate Utensils taken straight off the gas oven should not be placed on the laminate


  • Higher Flexibility
  • Speciality Products
  • Size

    Thickness- 0.6 mm

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