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  • Step 1 : To view natural veneers click on the “Natzurawoods” tab above / To view reconstituted veneers click on “Senzurastyles” tab above / To view polyfibre impregnated veneer click on “Progettowood” tab above / To view the range of smoked teak veneer click on “Dark Forest” tab above. You can also look for your desired species by directly typing the name in the search bar. You can also preview by clicking on the preview tab to see the full sheet design.

  • Step 2 : To try out the design, click on the "Download Product" button on the page and download the full sheet and save it on your desktop or drive.

  • Step 3 : You can then import them in your design softwares like 3D Max , Autocad and other such softwares.

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