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A stunning range of the most exotic veneers inspired by Nature’s spectacular canvas: - Casting mystical shadows, the innately enigmatic Mystique - Breezy and cheerful with a calming touch, Lights - Mellow and rich with a gentle warmth, Medium - Intense and overpowering with its striking shades, Dark - Vibrant and vivid in a captivating spectrum of colors, Dyed - And finally a rare assortment of the finest exotic veneers, À la carte Flip through our veneer catalogue, that captures Nature’s creativity and Man’s craftsmanship and pick any style to transform an ordinary space into a masterpiece. It complies IS: 1328 standard and specially treated to be powder and termite/Borer proof. It can with stand the severe climatic conditions and treatment. Light Serene tones of wood grains, which spread a sense of tranquility, Light veneers are crafted to suit those who like to make a statement without saying much. These easy tones illuminate your interiors imparting a softness that soothes the mind Medium A perfect blend of light and dark, mellow and rich, solid and shimmering designs, our Medium range of veneers make for truly inviting interiors. Truly, its interplay is worth watching over and over again Dark For those who like it rich and classy, the Dark range of veneers evoke a sense of luxury that's pure enchantment for the senses. By fluently absorbing light, these naturally dark shades have a calming influence on the surroundings Dyed With a palette of flamboyant colors, our Dyed range infuses your rooms with vivacious energy. These scintillating shades uplift interiors and infuse the right dose of vibrancy to any surrounding Mystique Enchantingly beautiful, Mystique is a premium collection of smoked and fumed veneers that lend an aura of mysticism to your interiors. These deep, earthy and smoked patterns are bound to make the interiors look warm and cozy Evoluzion Patterned with long, distinctive stripes in various shades, Evoluzion brings together randomly spliced textures to create dynamic, refreshing designs that light up your interiors Brico The rich tones and patterns of brick walls come alive with Brico. Designed with multiple layers of rectangular wood blocks, these veneers create a wonderful ripple effect in light and dark contrasting tiles, lending a beautiful creative touch to your interiors Sapwood Sap, which provides nourishment to trees, now breathes life into your interiors through Sapwood veneers. These uneven differently toned wood parts add a natural design and radiance to your walls, transforming defects to delights! Fusion In keeping with global trends in food, music and fashion, a new range of Fusion veneers has been created to match your modern tastes. Different leaves of the same/different species are spliced together to create a brilliant palette of colors in designs which can be customized according to your preferences Horizontal Horizontal creates a feeling of calmness and stability, stressing width over height. Hold on to horizontals and formulate a brilliant way to add movement and dimension to a design—while drawing attention to something that is naturally and unconditionally beautiful. When the choice is up to you, make the magic with wood grains. Create the wooden walls without the limits. Revive the mystical Horizontals with CenturyVeneers

Our USPs

  • High Quality High Quality
  • Made from natural woods Made from natural woods
  • Stunning designs, textures and patterns Stunning designs, textures and patterns
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Product Specifications

We provide ideal solutions for personal and office spaces using indigenous technology that gives your furniture a distinctive edge in terms of craft and endurance.

  • Powder and Termite/Borer proof
    Powder and Termite/Borer proof

Technical Specifications

  • Density 650+kgs/cbm
  • Thickness 4mm
  • BIS Standard IS:1328
  • Bonding of Veneer Melamine formaldehyde
  • Sanding of Veneer Pre-Sanded
  • Protection from Insect Attack Borer and termite Proof
  • Moisture Content 8-12%
  • Customer Service Immediate
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