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SKU No.: Sainik MR
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SAINIK MR is a water resistant plywood from the house of CenturyPly and is the only waterproof ply in this price range with Gurjan face. It is bend-resistant and weather-resistant, making it dimensionally stable and swell proof.

  • Years of Warranty 5 Years
  • Gapless
  • Strength

Available in:

  • 4 mm
  • 6 mm
  • 8 mm
  • 12 mm
  • 15 mm
  • 16 mm
  • 18 mm

Our USPs

  • Chemically Treated for Borer and Termite Proof
  • Bonded with Melamine Fortified Urea Formaldehyde Synthetic Adhesive
  • High Resistance to All Climatic Conditions

Thickness available in (mm) All thickness  
Dimensions available in (mm x mm) Max. 2440 x 1220  
Moisture Content (%) 10 - 14  
Adhesion of Plies Excellent  
Specific Gravity > 0.50  
Water Absorption (%) < 5  
Screw holding strength (Kg) > 165  
Nail holding strength (Kg) > 75  
Static Bending Strength (N/mm2) Modulus of rupture (MOR):
Along the grain: >35
Across the grain: >20
Modulus of elasticity (MOE):
Along the grain: >4000
Across the grain: >2000

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