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Why Should You Choose Flush Doors?

The world of interior design has evolved to a great extent. There’s absolutely no dearth of options when it comes to choosing what you want in your house. Take doors, for example. You can choose from a plethora of options like panel doors, PVC, flush, glass doors, etc. While options are plenty, you have to keep a lot of things in mind while making the selection. Factors like durability, design, customizability, etc. should play an important role in the selection process. One door type that not only fulfilsall the necessary requirements but also looks amazing is the flush door.

Interior flush doors are all the rage these days and here’s why:

They go with all interiors.

Both sides of a flush door are plain which can be covered with laminates or veneers of your choice. This can help in complimenting your interiors in the desired way. You can choose a relevant veneer design that matches your home decor so that your flush door becomes a part of your brilliant home interiors. You’ll have a lot of options for veneer door designs in India, which means you get to design your home and doors the way you like.

They are warp-free and highly durable

The best thing about a flush door is that it doesn’t warp easily. Their interstices are filled with rectangular blocksor battens of solid wood that make these doors highly durable and last longer than normal doors. Also, since flush doors are usually covered with veneers or laminates for decorative finish, they get an extra protective layer against scratches, environmental changes and moisture. All of this collectively adds to the durability of the doors, thus giving you your money’s worth.

They are resistant to water and heat

Flush doors are also known to be heat and water resistant if the quality of timber used to make them isn't compromised with. That’s because they’re manufactured in a way that resists all the possible effects of moisture and heat. The interstitial spaces within flush doors are filled with blocks of rectangular wood that do not allow water to percolate through, meanwhile giving additional strength to the doors. Veneered or non-veneered, good quality flush doors are resistant to water and withstand thermal expansion during summers. This is also the reason why flush doors are so versatile by design and make.As for the interior flush door, CenturyDoors carry one of the best ranges that’s worth investing in.

They are lighter and easy to install

Unlike other door types, flush doors are lighter in weight.  They are also resistant to heavy impact. And since they’re lighter in weight, the installation process is also pretty easy. Altogether, they’re perfect for everyday use in domestic and commercial applications.

Flush doors also come in many dimensional variants. So, if you’re looking to redefine your home furniture by adding a decorative finish to your doors, then flush doors, with decorative finishing atop, are clearly the way to go.