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Which is Better among Flush Doors and Moulded Doors?

Doors are elementary to the beauty as well as safety of a house. Apart from the privacy and safety factor, they also add to a space as luxurious accessories that enhance aesthetic appeal. There are several types of doors available in the market but when it comes to doors for homes and office spaces, flush or moulded doors are desirable for their looks and sturdiness. Both equally adorn the entrances of homes and offices, However, there are some distinguishing factors we need to look at, before making a choice.




Flush Doors

  • They have flat surfaces on both sides usually made out of plywood, clasped onto a wooden framework, interstitially filled with compact solid wood fillers. The surfaces are then enhanced with veneer or laminate finishing. There are different types of flush doors in India.
  • They are usually manufactured in factories.

Moulded Doors

  • These are panel doors that have vertical stiles and horizontal rails. They come in variations of panels- 2-panel, 3-panel, 4-panel, etc.
  • They are made out of wood, fibreglass, etc, however, wood is a more popular choice.
  • Panel doors have on-site manufacturing.



Flush Doors

  • They are a lightweight alternative to wooden counterparts. They can be made to look as elegant as wood with the help of veneers which are thin layers of natural wood stuck together and are glued onto the flat surface commonly made of plywood.
  • Laminates are also available in a wider range of colours and designs and can be put onto the surface of the plywood to finish the doors.

Moulded Doors

  • Moulded panel doors are a popular option because of the appealing looks and aesthetics. 
  • They are available in multi-panel variations like 3-panel, 4-panel, 6-panel. CenturyDoors offers 3-panel Oval design to impart a vintage-contemporary look to the doors. 
  • Primered or white coloured doors allow easy painting and polishing as per the room interiors.

Strength & Durability:


Flush Doors

  • Quality is the determining factor for the longevity of the doors. Therefore, good quality flush doors should be employed for long-lasting utility. 
  • If made out of poor quality plywood, the strength of the flush doors could also be significantly reduced, affecting its looks and performance in the long run.

Moulded Doors:

  • Moulded panel doors can have long life if only the quality is not compromised with.
  • Moulded doors are made with stiles and rails which give it the strength it’s known to have
  • Quality and maintenance have a huge role to play when it comes to the strength and longevity of panelled doors as they are made out of natural wood.

Flush doors require lesser effort in maintenance than moulded panel doors as they are easier to clean and come with stain and borer resistant qualities. They also don't require frequent refinishing. They are also more affordable and easier to install. However, Moulded doors are more durable and strong. Minor changes can be done on-site. They also have a stronger screw-holding capacity which makes them unmatchable in terms of durability and strength. Finally, owing to their variations in colours and shades, both the doors add charm and liveliness to any gateway.