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What Makes Veneer Doors A Perfect Choice For Your Home

When it comes to interior design, it is usually believed that the prettier the better. While you may have the perfect ply and woodwork for the doors already in place in your home, the ultimate finish still needs to be worked upon. What better than veneer sheets for a magnificent look? If royal looking finishing touches is what you desire, then veneer doors could be your best bet. Veneers are already winning the market by being the best decorative product for both home and office furniture.

But why is the buzz about veneers? What’s so special about a veneer door? You’re about to find out.

1. Veneers are durable

Veneer sheets are usually made by glueing multiple layers of thin strips of decorative wood with the help of high-quality resins. Veneers cannot tolerate heavy impact, but they serve as an added layer of protection for your furniture, that also enhances their longevity. Owing to its wooden make, veneers can absorb some amount of shock and prevent your ply from getting damaged. So, if you want a good look for your furniture while also ensuring its long-life, designer veneer doors are the way to go. 

2. An eco-friendly alternative

A wooden log or lumber is sliced or rather peeled to thin sheets which are then glued together to form a veneer. Even after glueing multiple sheets, the overall thickness of one veneer sheet could be as less as 0.6 mm. On the contrary, if you were to consider a regular wooden sheet cut from a log, it would be around 3 cm. So, veneers prevent wood wastage and give your furniture a wooden finish. Therefore, they are considered as a more eco-friendly and alternative to solid wood and can come at a fraction of price. 

3. Superior quality and look

Got your flushdoor in place? What needs to be done next is give it a decorative finish for a better look and feel. This is because flush doors lend themselves easily to further beautification as per your preferences. If you need your doors to look glossy and royal, you need some veneering on the top. The best part is that veneers come in a number of shades and hues similar to real wood, which means you can choose from a wide range and select the one that suits the theme of your home. CenturyDoors offer the best veneer door designs in India, perfectly tailored to suit everyone’s design requirements. 

4. Availability

Assuming you want your home doors to be made of exotic wood and also look fabulous, you won’t be ready to settle for less. Unfortunately, because of the deforestation effects, much of the fine wood is becoming rare. And what’s available is way too costly. Veneers, however, are rather economical than whole wood furniture and give your doors a plush look. Also, it’s easily available and hence makes up for rich-looking designer veneer doors

Veneers are currently booming in the furniture crafting industry today. And, why not? It’s one of the most practical and easy, and beautiful options to use for home decoration. So, if you want to add a beautiful look to your home doors without spending big bucks, go for veneer doors.