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5 Unmatchable Features of Quality Flush Doors

Interior designing involves a lot of things like flooring, furnishing, laying architectural overlays, painting, etc. While most people take all such things into account, most of them forget to consider the importance of doors. Flush doors are the best door types that are perfect to use in both residential and commercial applications.

Flush doors are made by joining together multiple battens of solid wood. The structure hence made is covered with MDF or plywood on both the sides to make up for stability. The entire thing is then covered with veneers or laminates to give the flush door a decorative finish.

Here are 5 of the most important features of a flush door:

1. Strong and durable

Because of the stable and uniform construction process of the door, flush doors are one of the most stable options. The hollow part of the flush doors in India is tightly filledwith battens of solid wood which are placed at uniform distances in order to leave no uneven or empty spaces. This gives the door a solid core such that it can bear minor impacts without getting affected. As a result, they are durable and remain as good as new for years.

2. Attractive looks

Flush doors are also known as veneer doors or laminated doors. Veneers and laminates are two of the most used decorative surfacing materials of all time. When applied on a flush door, they can be used to form doors with multiple design patterns and colours. A flush door, on the whole, gives a sleek and chic look once the veneers are placed.

3. Customizable

Changing the look and feel of a flush door is easy. Since it is the veneers and laminates that give the flush doors their basic look, you can opt for suitable colours or texture depending on your interiors. Thus, customizing your doors is easy if you choose flush doors.

4. Easy to install

Flush doors are one of the simplest doors when it comes to installation. They are lightweight and do not consume much time for setting up.

5. Low maintenance

Flush doors don’t require high maintenance. Thanks to the veneered or laminated surface, it doesn’t attract dirt or stains. It remains scuff-free for long. Even if it gets dirty, it can be simply wipedoff using a damp cloth.

Flush doors are perfect for all kinds of applications including homes, offices, and other commercial building. To get the best quality flush doors, you can look through the CenturyDoors range of decorative flush doors.