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Understanding the Difference Between Solid Wood Door And Flush Door

While shopping for a door, one might easily be drawn to visual appeal rather than checking on the strength and durability. However, with regard to the purpose that doors serve, looks are as important as the other factors. You need a door that doesn’t just look attractive, but also stands strong and unaffected from daily impacts and environmental conditions. Two of the most popular variants that qualify for these qualities are solid wood doors and Flush doors. While both are extensively used, there are many differences between the two. You can choose to go with the one that matches your requirements just right.


But before that, you must understand the difference between the two. So, let’s get to it right away by considering multiple points of view one by one:

In Terms of Performance:

Both types of doors do perform quite well. However, there is a difference between the two when it comes to durability. Solid wood doors, in the longer run, generally fail to stand through environmental changes. For example, they tend to swell up and/or expand during the monsoon season, owing to the moisture in the air. This expansion and contraction of wood make them prone to warping, which is why they are less durable. To enhance their performance, they are usually polished or painted to prevent direct contact with the surroundings. Whereas, Flush doors in India are immune to the surroundings and are unaffected by moisture and heat. In fact, the outermost layering of Flush sheets prevents the composite material underneath from warping.

In Terms of Costs

Solid wood doors are usually costlier than Flush doors. This is because solid wood doors are entirely made up of hardwood. Since these doors are quite thick, utilizing all original hardwood makes them expensive. In case of Flush doors, it is made by wood filers, core and face. Flush The overall quality of the door will actually depend on the quality of the material used. However, brands like CenturyDoors use exclusive raw material and high quality, modified resins to make sure that the end result is always a satisfactory one. Not only that all the woods used in Flush door are treated with chemicals that prevents the door from borer and termite attack.


Regardless of the differences between a solid wood door and a Flush door, both are unique in their own way. The selection would largely depend on your requirements, budget, and deployment site.