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Technical Specifications
Tests IS 2202 (Part-1) Requirements Observation Observation
Workmanship and Finish Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory
Dimensions & Squareness test Length & width Within a limit 5mm (±) Length = ±5 mm Length = ±4 mm
Width = ±5 mm Width = ±4 mm
Thickness Within limit of 1mm (±). Variation in thickness Within 0.8mm Thickness= ±0.8 mm Thickness= ±0.5 mm
Door shutter shall not deviate by more then 1 mm Within Limit Within Limit
General flatness test Twist, cupping, warping not more than 6 mm Within Limit Within Limit
Local planeness test Depth of deviation not greater than 0.5 mm Within Limit Within Limit
Impact indentation test Not more than 0.2 mm 0.2 mm 0.2 mm
Flexure test Residual deflection should not more then 1/10 of maximum deflection. Within Limit Within Limit
Deflection at max load should not more than 1/30 of length and 1/15 of width. Within limit Within limit
Edge loading test Deflection of the edge at the maximum load should not more than 5.0 mm. 3.24 mm 4.50 mm
Residual deflection should not more than 0.5 mm Within limit Within limit
Lateral buckling should not be more than 2 mm during loading. 0.34 mm 1.50 mm
Shock resistance No delamination should be observed due to light and heavy body impact. No Delamination No Delamination
Buckling test Residual deformation should not be more than 5.0 mm 3.22 mm 4.00 mm
Initial deflection should not be more than 50.0 mm 22.50 mm 40.00 mm
Slamming test Shall not have any visible damage No damage No damage
Misuse test There shall not be any permanent deformation No deformation No deformation
End immersion There shall be no delamination No delamination No delamination
Knife test Excellent or pass standard Excellent Excellent
Glue adhesion test No delamination shall occur in glue line No Delamination No Delamination
Screw withdraw Resistence test Not less than 1000 N 1120 N 1500 N
* Conditions Apply