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Should You Chose Veneer Doors Over Flush Doors?

Building a perfect home is a dream for most of us. Lots of people are unsure about whether to invest in a veneer door or flush door. This confusion arises because of the lack of clarity about the features of the two products. What would come as a surprise to most people is that they are actually quite similar! But to understand the similarity, one has to understand what flush doors really are, and how they are made.

Flush doors are a wonderful and eco-friendly substitute over solid wooden doors as they are as elegant, strong and durable as the latter. A strong frame with good quality timber is first constructed in the desired measurement. The frame is then covered with resin coated core veneer layers along and across the panel and face veneer on both sides, before putting under pressing machines. The facing surfaces are either fixed with a veneer, or with laminates, and this top or outer surface is the only difference between veneer doors and flush doors!


Veneers are thin slices of real hard wood. This gives the door a natural finish, texture and feel but at a fraction of the price of a solid hard wood door. What makes them better is the fact that they are termite, borer and insect resistant. These doors are treated and strengthened with chemicals that protect them from insect attacks. While even solid wooden doors swell up during monsoon, and dry up during summer, these doors are a convenient solution that remain unaffected by humidity. This is because, the core of the door is enforced by compact solid wooden fillers or other materials, that do not have interstitial space within itself which stores water.

The features do not end here. They are also slam proof and so even if teenagers take their temper out on the doors, you can rest assured as no harm or damage will happen to Century doors. To make it even better, they are also are boiling water proof, which makes them ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Laminate doors share the same features, as they only difference between the two is that the facing surface are laminates instead of veneers. As CenturyPly makes laminates in a range of colours and designs, one can find doors that are in perfect sync with the interior decor.


So, put to bed any worries about quality or feature differences between veneer and laminate doors, and choose what suits the theme of your house!