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Revolutionise Interior Designing with Veneered Doors

A door is judged on its function, i.e., how strong and sturdy it is. However, once these concerns are taken care of, you have to consider the looks next. A door is the first thing anyone sees before entering a room, so it is the first impression for your home. Currently, the trend of Veneered Doors has seen a rise in the market, and with good reason too. A wide variety in shapes, colours, texture and patterns gives a unique aspect over the plain old design of doors.

An alluring designer door can become the focus of a room, hence, it is important to choose wisely. A wise option is to go through the catalogue of CenturyDoors, so you can make a wise choice. Here are some factors that will guide you in making the final call for your choice of Veneered Doors:


Colour: When choosing the colour of the Designer Veneer Doors, make sure these are in sync with the surroundings. If you go for a door too bright or too dull, in both the cases it will still look a bit out of place. If you want to experiment, try opting for colours which are in contrast to the colour theme of the room.


Finishes: The finish is quite an important part of a Veneered Door. Choosing the right kind of finish in your door can actually enhance the appearance of the decor.


Longevity: Veneered Doors have sturdy built and are known for their durability. Alongside that, veneers are treated chemically to be termite and borer resistant, which makes these even more amazing. Plus, Designer Veneer Doors are also applauded for their low moisture absorption nature, which extends their life effectively.

With so many options present, it can get very confusing on what to opt for. Because of this, it is highly recommended to consult with your interior decorator on what kind of Designer Veneer Doors will best suit your home.