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How To Give Your Veneered Doors A Long Life

If you’ve already chosen veneer doors for your home, congrats! You couldn’t have made a better choice. Veneered doors aren’t just any other doors. They actually enhance the overall look of your space, thanks to the classy mix of beauty and robustness they carry. As strong as they are, they obviously need care and maintenance so that they are durable and long-lasting. Read on to find out how.

Regular lubrication

Owing to its frequent usage, we want our doors to be functioning properly at all times. Unmaintained moving parts associated with veneered doors can stand in the way of proper functioning. For example, parts such as tracks, hinges, rollers, etc. need frequent lubrication to be able to work properly. Since these are made of metal, they can catch dirt and rust which cause the locks and the door mechanism to become dysfunctional. Make sure you get your hands on the right lubricant, and oil the door hinges on a regular basis.

Special protection for door frames

It’s not just your precious veneered door that needs protection. The outer frame of the door, which is also made up of wood, also needs to be protected from rain, sunlight, moisture, etc., so that the door can stand strong. This is why most people use paint to seal the door frame. This way, excess moisture is unable to enter the doorframe, thereby keeping your veneered door protected. 

Check all hardware components

Veneered doors are also used as commercial flush doors at some places. Owing to the heavy usage, you need to make sure that you keep a regular check on the related hardware components such as hinges, faceplates, knobs, handles, etc. These can become loose over time and may require tightening up and lubrication at regular intervals. So, keeping an eye on their maintenance is important to increase the durability of your doors. 

Keep it clean

Keeping your veneered doors clean is also an important part of maintenance. Most decorative doors initially come with a layer of wax or oil, which may cause dirt to stick onto the door surface. But they can always be cleaned with the help of a wet cloth. Keeping your door clean will help in maintaining its new look for a longer time than usual.


Veneer doors are already quite robust and the most suitable for high-end uses in domestic as well as commercial applications. However, taking ample care of them will help you expand their lifespan and, of course, their beauty.