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Gateway to great impressions: Doors

Used pretty much throughout the day, doors form an integral part of any home, be it interior or exterior. Doors are not only there to protect us from outside weather effects and intruders, but also serve a critical role in enhancing the aesthetic sense of our homes. Almost everyone prefers using Decorative Doors, and it is important that their impression is nothing short of magnificent.


But to ensure that the doors remain attractive, it is important to maintain these regularly. Simply cleaning it with a damp cloth might not be effective every time as every kind of door requires different method of cleaning. Here are the ways to ensure your Decorative Doors In India remain spot and scratch free:

Interior Doors

The doors that are used to separate rooms are quite easy to clean. But before that; it is important to inspect these thoroughly. For example, if you have a Laminated Flush Doors installed at your place, check that all seals and hinges are completely intact. In case, these look worn out, get someone to change hinges immediately as your safety is reliant on it. Also, clean out the dust using a simple cloth.


For internal doors, if you see dust settled on these or scuff marks, you can clean with a light soap mixture and a soft cloth. Instead, you can look out for options from CenturyDoors, which offers waterproof and scratch proof range, thus minimising the effort.

External Doors

These are the doors that act as the main security system of our home. So it has to battle elements like heavy wind, rain, harsh sunlight, etc. Owing to this factor of facing external elements, Decorative Doors become more prone to scruff, scratch, dirt, etc. In that case, using a wet cloth and a mild soap is an effective method. Keeping the door dry is also necessary, so wipe the water using a dry cloth after the cleaning process.


Your door is unique to your home as it is the first impression. That is why it is quite important to take regular care of your interior and exterior Decorative Doors.