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Flush Doors The Perfect Choice for Your New Office

Designing a new office is a critical aspect in the success of a business, because the decor can either make or break the deal. The office space has to be impressive enough to create the right impact on your guests. If the objective is to evoke a healthy intimidation, then sophistication is the way to go, whereas, for a friendly, trusting and approachable impression, semi-casual should do the trick. Within the decor elements, perhaps the most important aspect is the door of your office. The right door sets the tone either in one’s favour or against it even before the guest enters the room, which is why emphasis has to be given to choosing the right door.

For a sophisticated look:

To make a strong and assertive impression, it’s advisable to stick to either conservative style or elegant modern designs. Conservative would comprise of furniture in deep brown colour, leather if affordable or else in rose wood finish. Fresh lilies would be a nice touch. Doors can either be in solid rose wood or interior flush doors with veneers of the same finish.


If modern is more your style, then sharp geometric designs would be elegant; keeping an overall consistent pattern of either squares or rectangles or curved designs would be impactful. The table, sofas, coffee table and other furnishing elements should adhere to either of the two patterns. When it comes to doors, plain flush doors in a statement colour with brass or cobber fittings will look posh. It’s easy to introduce colours to doors now as CenturyDoors offer veneer and laminate doors in a range of colours and finishes.

For a semi-casual look

Semi-casual offers lot more freedom in terms of designs as you can mix elements to strike the balance that works for you the most. Along with geometric patterns, cool and fun colours in cushions, carpets and wallpapers is one way of execution. Or, the idea can be reversed with fun colours in background and stately furnishing, depending on the intent and desired ambience, the possibilities are endless. Doors can be of the colour and design of one’s choice, to convey opulence, of course there are veneer options in interior flush doors and laminate options for colours and exquisite patterns.


Whatever the choices are, what is crucial is to decide the tone and intent, as CenturyDoors have a range of door options with unparalleled quality, strength and durability, that ensure that the customer’s get their money’s worth.