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Flush Doors, the New Rage

Getting everything right while getting the dream house made is made is almost everyone’s aspiration. People research about almost everything, from the quality of construction material to the positioning of the coffee-table, everything has to be perfect. Whatever the budget is, we try to create the best out of what can be spared. But, interior decor, gets a little tricky. Getting the perfect sync in the decor elements can be quite a challenge. If somehow we do manage to find furnishings in complimentary colours, the doors always stick out as an anomaly.

Wooden doors come in natural finish, and not to mention the price of good quality ones. Having to pay so much for doors that aren’t exactly in sync with the rest of the house is nothing but painful. But all this was some time ago, before flush door manufacturers in India entered the scene. CenturyPly is a leading producer of flush doors that have incomparable strength and durability, that too at affordable prices. But what makes it particularly attractive for those obsessed with decor themes, is the range of designs that flush doors come in. In fact, they can even be custom-made to suit customer requirements. This is possible because the surfaces of laminate doors are made with laminates which are available in a wide range of colours and designs.


Additionally, these doors have amazing properties, which make them better than wooden doors. Wooden flush doors are termite, borer and fungi resistant. These doors are treated and strengthened with chemicals that protect them from insect attacks. While even solid wooden doors swell up during monsoon, and dry up during summer, flush doors are a convenient solution that remain unaffected by humidity. This is because, the core of the door is enforced by kiln seasoned, composite solid fillers tightly fit like brick bonding attachment , that do not have interstitial space within itself which stores water.


The features do not end here. They are also slam proof and so even if teenagers take their temper out on the doors, you can rest assured as no harm or damage will happen to Century doors. To make it even better, wooden flush doors are boiling water proof, have low maintenance, which makes them ideal for use in all indoor usage. So, if you are thinking of getting your dream house made, or renovating your old house, don’t think twice before buying flush doors.