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Flush Doors for That Perfect 'First Impression'

When it comes to creating a welcoming ambience for your guests; what according to you will set that perfect first impression? Furniture? Lighting aesthetics? Or some antique artefacts? Well, these will certainly bring an awe-inspiring aura in your spaces, but ever wondered all this would be meaningless without an eye-pleasing entrance.


Having fragile or unattractive doors ruin the entire look of any abode. And hence, it is important to have gateways that are not only sturdy but complements your interiors as well. For this reason, plywood manufacturers have come up with absolute solutions to serve your purpose with Flush Doors.

What are Flush Doors?

These are designer and functional doors that are increasingly preferred by homeowners, companies, hospitality industry leaders and hospital owners. The raw structure of the flush door is made up of solid compact filler tightly fitted within vertical stiles and horizontal rails along with lock rail positioned on both sides of the frame.


A wooden flush door is formed with the help of different processes. A door frame is bonded under high-pressure and high temperature, while using a synthetic resin. The frame, used here constitutes wooden strips and are placed edge-to-edge amid veneer sheets. This is how the final product is manufactured.

Why Flush Doors?

With different kinds of doors available in the market, you must be wondering, why you should choose flush door only? Well, here are several benefits that will enable you to know why you should choose wooden flush doors for accentuating your entrances.


  • Flush doors possess high strength and are impact resistant.
  • As these doors are manufactured from kiln seasoned high quality timber, they will never warp with time.
  • Being treated with chemical procedures, these doors are termite and Borer resistance.
  • Flush doors possess high screw holding capacity and have lock areas on both the sides for higher safety.
  • These doors are not heavier as compared to the other doors that make installation process easier.
  • Flush doors are highly resistant to stains, heat, scuff, swelling, and bending proof.

Doors are an essential part of any infrastructure, ensuring that a good-quality door is installed to the entrances. The aforementioned features of the flush door are enough to tell that why flush doors are perfect to set that best first impression. Various door manufacturers, like CenturyDoors, are striving tremendously to provide a wide range of flush doors to add elegance to your home. Buying them would indeed be a smart move.