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Flush Doors for a Stunning Impression

Eyes are the windows to a person’s souls. In size perhaps one of the smallest external parts of the human body that can convey lot more that the rest of the body combined. Eyes are in fact symbolic of most things around us, wherein a small part conveys more about the whole than than the whole itself. This is why people pay so much attention into decorating this organ with kohl or masking it with glasses. Interestingly, doors play a similar role with respect to a house. A close look at the door can reveal a lot about what to expect inside, the personality of the home owner, their class, taste and mood. Decorating, grooming or being attentive to the eyes of your home thus becomes absolutely relevant.


Doors, like eyes, have to be beautiful and healthy. It is a challenge to achieve this degree of finesse with solid wood doors, as they tend to swell, shrink, warp according to the weather. Moreover, they are also prone to insect and fungal attack which makes them look unappealing, to put it mildly. Of course, if one is ready to invest in premium quality rosewood or teak, then these problems can be minimised, but the cost is exorbitant. The alternative solution that negates the disadvantages of solid wooden doors, but at an affordable price are veneer flush doors.

Depending upon the budget and requirement, one can get veneer doors in a range of natural wood varieties. You can even get exotic wood veneers from rare and imported species at a fraction of its solid wood counterparts from CenturyPly. The veneers are nothing but thin slices from the logs of the desired tree variety. These doors do not shrink, swell or warp, nor are they prone to insect or fungal attacks. In fact they are also come in boiling water and slam proof variant. These unique features are a consequence of their peculiar manufacturing process. The raw structure of the flush door is made up of solid compact fillers or rectangular blocks of wood, for durability. The process ends with giving the doors a veneer or laminate finish on the surface, and that's how beautiful doors are made ready to adorn your space.


Flush doors are the ideal option to give your house a healthy and soulful appearance that sustains over years. Give your home the chance to make stunning first impressions with these doors.