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Doors That Set Homes Apart

Small things can indeed make a big difference. People often overlook small details without realising how minute details can make a significant impact on first impressions and personality. Doors are one such seemingly minor aspect that get overlooked while designing the more important aspects of homes, offices or other spaces. But interestingly, investing in doors can be a cost-effective way to make a minimalistic yet bold style statement.


A bold door can be as striking as a tattoo, nose or navel ring. A simple and sedate interior decor gets instantly ameliorated with purple, orange or green coloured doors. Ornamental door knobs and latches in copper, silver, gold or bronze finish will give your decor the boldness of pop culture and elegance of the regal style, both in one go. Getting this implemented is quite easy as commercial flush doors are available with laminates in a range of solid colours and finishes including gloss, high gloss and matt; matt finish is required to achieve the intended look. This style can be taken a step ahead by giving each door of the house or office a different colour.

While purchasing from CenturyDoors there is absolutely no need to worry about the quality as it is a premium brand that only offers the best to their customers. They have a unique manufacturing process, beginning with a strong frame made from good quality timber which is built is in the desired measurement. The interior comprises of solid compact filler, tightly fitted within vertical stiles and horizontal rails along with lock rail positioned on both sides of the frame. These materials not only provide support, but also make it durable.


These wonder doors are termite, borer and insect resistant. These doors are treated and strengthened with chemicals that protect them from insect attacks. While even solid wooden doors swell up during monsoon, and dry up during summer, these doors are a convenient solution that remain unaffected by humidity. This is because, the core of the door is enforced by particle board, wooden planks or other materials, that do not have interstitial space within itself which store water.


The features do not end here. They are also slam proof and so if you want to test your doors , let your temper out on the doors. Rest assured no harm or damage will happen to the doors. To make it even better, they are also boiling water proof, which makes them ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. So, if you are planning to give your home, office or shop a new and bold look, go for colourful commercial flush doors without any hesitation.