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Doors That Add Value to Your Interiors

They say ‘old ways do not open new doors;’ only new doors open new ways. Choosing a door for your house can be a bit taxing, but choosing the right door makes all the difference. It is the first thing that anyone sees upon arrival and the last thing they see upon departure. It is the gateway of first impressions and can give your house a much-deserved facelift. 

Having the right door is also like picking the perfect jewellery for your outfit, which has the power of making a statement. The limited days of doors being used for security and privacy are so passé. They are the deciders of climate control at your home. They also add to the contrast of the painted walls, inevitably brightening the room. Now that you are convinced let us take you through fabulous options for doors that will add pizzazz to your house indefinitely.

Laminated Doors

Add a little spice to your dull house with our designer doors or keep it simple and classy with our mono-design doors. Whatever you pick, remember, there are no wrong answers. With above par durability and stain resistance, bring home Century Laminates. Guaranteed to woo you with its magnificent finish, these doors are waterproof and covered with High-Pressure Laminate (HPL). They also display grace under pressure as they are capable of withstanding harshest of weather conditions.

Veneer Doors

If you trust thick, veneer doors should be your pick. With uniform resistance, these veneers doors are available in both recons, as well as natural ranges. Perfect for keeping the bedroom cosy and the entrance guarded, these wooden miracles have a high impact and warp resistance. The finish on these beauties is more elegant than the ones at Amazing Race. They will make you fall in love with geometry all over again as the designs and patterns copied onto these doors reek of perfection. Bring home these doors to add elegance to your home with its patterned grace.

Flush Doors

If you want the king of doors, get your home flush doors. Before you sweat bullets over the price range, flush doors are very economical since the material cost involved is also less. However, this does not affect the quality and gives you the premium experience at pocket-friendly prices. The stiffness helps with the impact resistance, which makes them durable and stable. These are chemically treated and vacuum pressured for tackling crazy weather conditions. Easy to install and to demand less maintenance, get your flush-crush on! CenturyPly also allows you to get the flush customised to your tastes and fashion.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best of deals and doors only at CenturyPly, the most exquisite collection you and your neighbours have ever seen.