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Designer Options in Doors!

The Customer is truly the king today. Brands are competing against each other to provide exactly what she needs to maximise customer satisfaction. In fact, customisation is the new buzzword. When almost everything can be designed as per one’s wish, why not doors - the face of our homes too? Door manufacturers have already worked on this and created designer options for doors too. Designer veneered doors, Panel doors and Commercial flush doors are some common examples.

Designer Veneer doors: Veneers are thin slices of real hard wood. This gives the door a natural finish, texture and feel but at a fraction of the price of a solid hard wood door. Exotic rose wood doors might be an expensive dream, but veneers of not just rose wood, but of any luxurious variety can be obtained for a much lesser price. What makes them better is the fact that they are termite and borer resistant. Besides, as the veneers are applied over flush doors, they possess all the functional benefits of the latter. While even solid wooden doors swell up during monsoon, and dry up during summer, these doors are a convenient solution that remain unaffected by humidity. This is because, the core of the door is enforced by rectangular blocks as fillers, that do not have interstitial space within itself to store water. Get a customised ornate natural looking door without any hesitation.


Panel Doors: Panel doors are conventional doors that are made by joining different pieces of solid wood to create the required pattern or designs. If you prefer heavy solid wood doors, then panel doors might be a good idea. You can choose the wood of your choice and the design of your choice and have the doors made.

Commercial flush doors: Flush Doors designed for commercial applications manufactured by reputed brands like CenturyDoors are scratch, stain and heat resistant. This is especially useful in the case of commercial spaces as they have to survive high incoming and outgoing traffic. People tend to be careless in such spaces making the doors susceptible to easy damage. But, since flush doors are slam-proof, this need not cause any worry. These doors are strong and durable because of which they are mostly immune to much force, so unlike steel/aluminium doors, the shop owners do not have to worry about dents in the smooth and even surface of the doors. Additionally, flush door prices are more economical than good quality solid wood doors and steel doors. Not just the size and measurements, the colours and designs of laminates can be customised to meet the requirements of the interior decor.


Instead of opting for conventional solid wood doors, do your research and find the one that best suits your purpose and budget. Customisation is possible in most varieties, so don’t shy away.