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Commercial Use of Flush Doors

Commercial spaces are the engine of our economy. Our progress as a civilization is heavily dependent on production, sale and consumption. Today, the sale aspect has gained prominence because of cut-throat competition, which is why shop owners do everything in their capacity to make their commercial space attractive and inviting. The first thing that potential customers notice about the shops is the windows and doors. These have significant potential to attract prospective buyers.

Windows do not offer as much creative freedom as doors. In fact, they just complement the primary point of attraction - doors. Colourful and exciting commercial flush doors, along with a complementary window can make a significant impact on the customer turn- out. Conventionally, shops install solid wooden doors or aluminium and steel doors. While solid wooden doors can take on any colour, they tend to warp, swell up and are prone to attacks from pests and insects. Metallic doors do not offer design and colour freedom. Besides, they easily get dents and scratches.


Commercial flush doors on the other hand present a perfect alternative. These doors are treated and strengthened with chemicals that protect them from insect attacks. While even solid wooden doors swell up during monsoon, and dry up during summer, these doors are a convenient solution that remain unaffected by humidity. This is because, the core of the door is reinforced by fillers like rectangular blocks of solid wood, that do not have interstitial space within itself to store water.


Further, flush doors manufactured by reputed brands like CenturyDoors are scratch, stain and heat resistant. This is especially useful in the case of commercial spaces as they have to survive high incoming and outgoing traffic. People tend to be careless in such spaces making the doors susceptible to easy damage. But, since flush doors are slam proof, this need not cause any worry. These doors are strong and durable because of which they are mostly immune to crashes, so unlike steel/aluminium doors, the shop owners do not have to worry about dents in the smooth and even surface of the doors. Additionally, flush door prices are more economical than good quality solid wood doors and steel doors.


Do not hesitate to use vibrant colours and designs on your doors, with an equally exciting window frame colour. Make your store stand out from the rest to invite more customers.