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Beautify Your Homes with Veneer Doors

Doors have to be beautiful, inside and outside, because they provide a transitional space in our everyday life. It has to offer promise and hope as we step out of it, and invite us with warmth as we return to it. Because, a beautiful door can bring cheer, hope and joy to even dreaded mornings and weary evenings. For, this reason doors have to be beautiful inside and outside. In fact, the threshold of our house should be seen as entry and exit points where we change roles. This relevance of the door has to reaffirm each day to create a happy space.

There are numerous ways to make the doors look inviting and attractive. People usually relax in the presence of nature. Incorporating natural elements into your home and staying connected with the natural environment is beneficial in keeping us stress free and positive. This transition into an earthy home can begin right at the doorstep. Solid wooden doors with rings and innate patterns and oils are a delight indeed, but a rather expensive one. Instead veneered doors look and feel similar to the former in design, colour and texture, but at a fraction of the price of solid doors as they are just thin sheets of real wood.


Veneers are nothing but thin slices from the logs of the desired tree variety. The ones from CenturyDoors do not shrink, swell or warp, nor are they prone to insect or fungal attacks. In fact they are also boiling water and slam proof. These unique features are a consequence of their peculiar manufacturing process. The raw structure of the flush door is made up of solid compact filler, tightly fitted within vertical stiles and horizontal rails along with lock rail positioned on both sides of the frame. The process ends with giving the doors a veneered or laminated finish on the surface, and that's how beautiful doors are made ready to adorn your space.


Moreover, one makes peace with nature as these designer veneer doors are an eco-friendly option, unlike solid wood doors. Manufacturing process of the latter involves a lot of wastage during the sawing process. Many parts of the tree are not strong enough to contribute towards a door, which ends up as wastage too. But, veneers on the other hand are produced by slicing, and they do not need to be strong. This minimises wastage in every form.


Without any hesitation or doubts, give your home a natural and earthy ambience that begins right at the door with veneered flush doors.