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Features How Does it Work? Benefits
IS 2202 CERTIFIED All parameters covered in IS 2202 have been adhered to Best Quality Standardised door offering
3 TIER TREATMENT Lumber, Face & Core is treated with special chemicals Complete protection against borers and termites
KILN DRYING SEASONING Timber can be dried to any desired low moisture content by kiln drying. It sterilizes timber from all the fungi and insects in the wood. 200Hr + Timber seasoning.
BOTH SIDE DOOR LOCK WIDTH 3" and 18" HEIGHT End user can use it from both sides
SCREW HOLDING - 40% ABOVE BIS SPECIFIED NORMS Door is made from superior quality wood (wooden frame and wood fillers). Higher density gives better screw holding and increases load bearing capacity
SANDING Done in sanding machine with grid paper 220 on both sides Excellent bonding with laminates and veneers
EDGE TRIMMING Mechanised trimming on all four sides to give MM level precision Dimensional accuracy to save installation time
WARP RESISTANT Small cut in battens to provide margin for expansion & contraction Smooth surface and no undulation