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  • CenturyVeneers is an evergreen collection of Wood. CenturyVeneers has largest range of exotic species in India, which are handpicked from Europe, South East Asia, Africa and America’s sustainable forests. The Veneers are inspired by Nature's palette of stunning designs, textures and patterns. Flip through the collection only to fall in love with the Nature!



    Stunning designs, textures and patterns

    High Quality


    Powder and Termite/Borer proof


    8*4 feet sheets

     Industry Norms   Test Results


    Moisture content
      5-15%   8-12%
    Water Resistance Test of overlay veneer: 3 hrs in 60±20C (3 Cycle Warm Water Soaking & Drying)
      No Delamination or blister formation   No Delamination or blister formation
    Adhesion to plies
      Pass   Excellent
    ​Water Absorption Test
      NA   < 5%
    Workmanship and finish
      Satisfactory   Excellent
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