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  • A revolutionary product from the house of CenturyPly, Elastoply is India’s first flexible BWP Grade ply, developed by our R&D team. Rigid hardwood is transformed into flexible timber without weighing down the original strength or characteristics. A well designed press mechanism involving cushioned pressing at low pressure ensures the panels do not lose their flexibility or bonding strength



    BWP Grade Flexible ply

    More convenient than other pre-wood structures

    Heat forming or water treatment not required

    Self-supporting structure which doesn’t need special support



    Boiling Water Proof


    Thickness- 3.5 mm,6 mm ,7.5 mm and 12 mm

     Industry Norms   Test Results


    Elasto BWP grade 7.5mm, Imported Varities 8mm
    Property MOR ( Grain prallel to span)
      Imported Varities 27.5 Mpa   Elasto BWP gradr 120MPA,
    Property MOR ( Grain perpendicular to span)
      Imoprted varities 1.45 Mpa   > Elasto BWP grade 7 Mpa
    Property MOE ( Grain parrallel to span)
      Imported varities 81.2 Mpa   Elasto BWP grade 115 Mpa
    ​Screw Holdind (IS- 1734) (%)
     Imported Varities 866 N   Elasto BWP grade 1250 N
    Nail Withdrawl (IS - 1734)
      Imported Varities 56.2 N   Elasto BWP grade 950 N
    Curve (mm diameter of the circle)
      Imported Varities 98.8mm  Elasto BWP grade 30mm
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