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  • • Century Magnetic Laminate, an innovative high pressure decorative laminate from the house of Centuryply has an unique property of holding magnet.
    • It is available in 13 different solid colours
    • It will be available only in 1.5mm thickness with more than 2 times strength than that of 1mm
    • It is used as writing cum display boards in School, College, Conference room, Call center etc.
    • In kids rooms for holding photographs, exam Schedules, homework assignment
    • In hospital to paste medical reports, charts operation schedules etc
    • Offices are another area where one can use magnetic laminates extensively for notice boards and pin-up boards



    Made with a specially developed resin, it is useful for:

    Uni function- holding purpose

    Dual function- holding cum writing purpose



    Speciality Products


    Thickness- 1.5 mm