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  • For walls, cabinets, shelves and counter tops that speak of your inimitable style, bring home the stylish range of Century Liner Laminates. Available in white, off-white, ivory, grey and solid black colors, they provide oodles of class together with dimensional stability. Our Liner Laminates bond well with substrates due to uniform and superior sanding techniques.



    Reduces warpage to 3-ply fabrication

    Internationally certified product conforming to NEMA LD3, ISO 4586-1 and IS 2046

    Ultra-thin laminates useful in balancing sides of substrates

    High-utility product, multiple applications in home interiors


    Ultra Thin

    Speciality Products


    Thickness- 1mm

     Industry Norms   Test Results


    Length (mm)
      NA   2440 + 5/-0)
      NA   > 1220+5/-0
    Thickness(mm) (%)
      1.00(± 10%)   1.00% (±5%)
     ±120   -3-/+60
    Hardness/Flexibility C 
      NA   2"-2.5" Dia
      Slight Chatter marks  uniform & no chatter marks
    Color of Sanded side
      NA  Natural & Uniform
    Marking on the sheet
      NA   As customer
      No A, B, C Defects   Absolute Defect Free
    Boiling Water resistance Appearance
      Moderate Effect   No effect
    Resistance to dry heat at 180ºC
      Moderate Effect   PNo effect
    Resistance to scratching (Load) N, Min
     2N (Min)   2.5N (Min)
    Resistance to impact by small diameter ball mm
      250   >250
    Dimensional Stability at deviated Temperature Lengthwise % (Max.) MD
      1.2  1
    Dimensional Stability at deviated Temperature Crosswise % (Max.) CD
      2   1.5
    Dimensional Stability at 20ºC Temperature Lengthwise % (Max) MD
      1.2   1
    Dimensional Stability at 20ºC Temperature Crosewise % (Max) CD
      2   1.5
    Resistance to Staining stain 1 to 10
      Moderate Effect   No effect
    Resistance to Staining stain 11 to 15
      Moderate Effect   Single Effect​
    Cleanability Rating, Max
      20   12​
    Light resistance Rating Min
      Moderate Effect   No Effect​
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