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  • PRO's beautifully crafted range of decorative veneer doors and panels will add character to any entrance. The exotic decorative veeners are laminated on imported core, giving them a sleek minimalistic look. The doors in this range are water-proof with MR grade overlay of finest quality veneer that gives them their distinctively beautiful finish.



    Stile/Rail and lock made of Pine

    Core made from Hardwood species

    Competitive Price

    Quality superior than the competitive products in the price market

    Available in all Recon Shades from Century Senzura


    Designer Range


    Thickness- 30mm and 35mm

     Industry Norms   Test Results


    Moisture Content(%)
    Flatness of shutter(twist,cupping and wrapping)
    Not more than 1mm
    Local planess
    (Surface smoothness)
    Not more than 0.5mm
    Impact Indentation
    Not more than 2mmm by a weight of 0.5kg
    Flexure Resistant
    (residual deflection)
    Not more than 2mm
    Shock Resistance
    No visible damage after 25 blows of 5kg
    Buckling Resistance
    Initial Deflection
    Residual Deflection
    Not more than 40mm
    Not more than 5mm
    Adhesion of Piles
    Glue adhesion
    No delamintaion of the glue line
    Screw holding strength(kg)
    Preservative Treatment
    Two Tier Treatment
    Lumber and veneers are treated with preservatives
    Glue line is fortified with non leachable organo phosphorous compound(USA Technology)
    Specific gravity
    Water absorption
    Nail Holding strength(kg)


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