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  • We are pleased to welcome you to the world of  Century  Faceveneers !
    We produce and sell natural veneer species from around the Globe , Burma teak veneers, Wood veneers and Commercial face veneers. Our customer oriented , demand centric  approach has helped us become one of the top producers of face veneer  in  the world.
    We are one of the biggest and only integrated producers of Natural , Burma teak, Engineered and Commercial grade veneers, producing face veneers in 6 of our 8 production plants situated at various locations in India , Myanmar and Laos.
    1. Natural Veneers: The best works of art provided by mother nature
    We are the biggest manufacturer   of Natural veneers in India  and have the most modern European production line in the country situated at Kolkata. The best natural face veneers and logs are sourced from around the Globe from their origin in Amazonian, African, Asian and American forests and used for producing face veneer  flitches  and sheets.
    We have around 150 species of natural veneers in our existing stock including the most exotic and in vogue species from around the world. Some of our most common species are Burma teak , Walnut, Oak, Wenge, Ash, Sycamore, Santos, Louro Preto, Sapeli, Anigre, Chestnut, and Cherry .
    We make sure to understand the exact veneer requirements of our clients and then fulfil these by producing or importing veneer according to their customised requirements.
    2. Wood Veneers: European Designer wood veneers
    These veneers are a result of fusion of best Tropical rain forest wood and the most advanced European technology, giving us an avant- garde, 100 % wood product, in sync with the demanding modern architectural requirements. They give us the immaculate blend of Color, Design and Texture to satisfy the craving for creativity through unique designs inspired by Mother Nature. These veneers are extensively used in the biggest, most modern projects and furniture around the world especially in western countries.
    We are the biggest manufacturer of these veneers in India and currently have around 140 designs in our portfolio.
    3. Burma Teak Veneers
    We  Import  the  Burmese  teak logs  from the  best  areas  in  Myanmar   and  slice  them according to  customized requirements  at our  slicing facility  in Kolkata.
    4. Commercial Grade Veneers
    We do rotary peeling of the tropical hardwood species like Gurjan and Keuring at multiple locations throughout the country and in Burma to provide a wide range of thicknesses and   qality grades suitable for manufacturing  varied range of plywood.



    Thickness 1mm

    BWR Grade, 100% wood product

    It is ready to use decorative panels for doors and panels which can be pasted by any common glue

    Available in almost all natural Veneers species like oak, walnut etc

    Can be cut to size, installed very fast using common tools 

    Saves time and effort

    Can be used by Plywood manyfacturers for lamination on doors/panels

    Flexible and can be used easily for curved surfaces

    Available in approriate sizes to save wastage

    Economical than 4mm comparitive wood panels


    Boiling Water Proof, Moisture Resistance


    7*3 7.5*3.5 8*3.5 ft

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