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  • Kleanwud, a premium block board from CenturyPly, has minimum emissions of Formaldehyde, a gas that can cause potential hazards for you and your family. So go ahead and build your dream home with all the furniture, doors, shelves and partitions without a care in the world. Your kids will grow up in a hazard free environment where they can breathe safe forever. Kleanwud adheres to stringent E1 emission norms, which ensure minimum Formaldehyde emissions (less than 0.1 ppm).



    Boiling Water Proof grade

    Superior bonding with GSS 145

    Warp and twist resistant

    Powder and termite proof with unique GLP treatment

    More number of plies for greater strength

    Thicker face for superior surface finish

    Superior and distinctive edge finish

    15-year warranty*


    Boiling Water Proof


    Thickness-19 mm and 25 mm

     Industry Norms   Test Results


    Type based on classification by appearance,(mm)
     AA/AB/BB   AA/AB
    Dimension and Tolerance Length,(mm)
      +6, -0   +0.66)
    Dimension and Tolerance Width,(mm)
      +3, -0   +0.66)
    Dimension and Tolerance Thickness( Less than 6 mm) %(mm)
     ±10   with limit
    dt>Dimension and Tolerance Thickness( 6mm and Above) %(mm)
     ±5   +3.17
    Dimension and Tolerance ​Squareness %(mm)
     Max 0.2   0.035
    Dimension and Tolerance ​Edge steaightness %(mm)
     Max 0.2   0.091
    Lumbe core moistire content, % C 
      5-15   8-10
    Width of strip,mm, C 
      not more than 30   26
    Width of edge strip,mm C 
      upto 45   42
    Cross band and face Moisture content of Venee, % C 
      6-8   6-8
    Cross band and faces Cross band thickness mm, % C 
      1-3   2.8
    Cross band and faces face veneer,mm % C 
      0.5-1.50   confirms
    Dimentional change caused by humidith,mm % C 
      d/L < 1/150  pass
    Resistance to water, adhesion of plies,mm % C 
      d/L < Test specimen from BWP grade blockboards after soaking in boiling water for 72hours shall comply to "pass standard" for test fo adhesion of plies   Excellent
    Modulus of rupture, N/mm2 Average,mm % C 
      d/L < 50   >52
    Modulus of rupture, N/mm2 Min Individual,mm % C 
      d/L < 42   >47
    Modulus of elasticity, N/mm2 Average,mm % C 
      d/L < 5000   >6500
    Modulus of elasticity, N/mm2 Min Individual,mm % C 
      d/L < 4500   >5000
    Guarantee C 
      d/L < NA   >7 year guarantee against borer & termite
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