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  • • Century Club Prime Block Board ( Boiling Water Resistant) is the only one of its kind to be made by pre-pressing, where each veneer is treated with preservatives prior to pressing, ensuring uniform distribution of moisture and adhesives.
    • The unique GLP (Glue Line Protection) formula is then applied, making the plywood borer and termite proof. It comes with a 7 year, worry-free guarantee.
    • The unique combination of dense hardwood species and superior quality BWR glue results in a very high quality and extremely strong ply.
    • The bonding capacity and structural performance of Club Prime surpasses that of IS 303 by many folds making it the best quality BWR in the country



    Superior ply strength – 120% higher than IS 303 standards

    7 yrs warranty


    Boiling Water Proof


    Thickness-19 mm and 25 mm

     Industry Norms   Test Results


    Dimension and Tolerance Length,(mm)
      +6, -0   +1-2, -0)
    Dimension and Tolerance Width,(mm)
      +3, -0   +0.5, -0)
    Dimension and Tolerance Thickness %(mm)
     ±5   with limit
    Dimension and Tolerance ​Squareness %(mm)
     Max 0.2   0.035
    Dimension and Tolerance ​Edge steaightness %(mm)
     Max 0.2   0.091
    Lumbe core moistire content, % C 
      not more than 12   6-8
    Width of strip,mm, C 
      not more than 30   26
    Width of edge strip,mm C 
      upto 45   42
    Cross band and face Moisture content of Venee, % C 
      6-8   6-8
    Cross band and faces Cross band thickness mm, % C 
      1-3   2.8
    Cross band and faces face veneer,mm % C 
      0.5-1.50   confirms
    Dimentional change caused by humidith,mm % C 
      d/L < 1/150  pass
    Resistance to water, adhesion of plies,mm % C 
      d/L < Test specimen from BWP grade blockboards after soaking in boiling water for 72hours shall comply to "pass standard" for test fo adhesion of plies   Excellent
    Modulus of rupture, N/mm2 Average,mm % C 
      d/L < 50   >52
    Modulus of rupture, N/mm2 Min Individual,mm % C 
      d/L < 42   >47
    Modulus of elasticity, N/mm2 Average,mm % C 
      d/L < 5000   >5800
    Modulus of elasticity, N/mm2 Min Individual,mm % C 
      d/L < 4200   >5600
    Guarantee C 
      d/L < NA   >7 year guarantee against borer & termite
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